Improve Your Lapping Machine With New Modifications – Cut Your Lapping Costs

Bring your Lapping Machine back to its complete capacity and conserve cash over time through improved efficiency. What can Lapmaster International do to improve your existing setup;


Setup of new dispensing system
Complete of the equipment
Appointment with our technological group for renovations to your existing process
Installment of composite plate
Educating to enhance personnel productivity

Why Diamond Lapping Functions

The hard Ruby fragments become embedded in the composite splashing plate, this gives support to the Ruby enabling it to reduce extra efficiently.

Difficult materials are reduced very efficiently.
Since the surface area is cut cleanly, it supplies better light reflective top qualities.
Better aesthetic surface area coating.
Optical Flat assessment without different polishing operation.

The Conveniences Of Ruby Lapping Compared With Traditional Lapping

This video describes the benefits of diamond lapping compared to conventional (silicon carbide/ aluminium oxide) lapping. The primary advantage is that diamond lapping produces a polished surface area in 1 action, with a faster brightening time, much faster worldly removal and also much less waste

The maintenance as well as manufacturing of hydraulic piston pumps includes the matching of a concave barrel as well as a convex swash plate. These faces require a perfectly matching distance to keep efficiency as well as minimise leak.

The refurbishing of these parts can be problematic because deep scoring can be discovered and also this has to be removed before the last matching procedure can be carried out.

Lapmaster International have actually supplied match lapping equipments for convex as well as concave hydraulic pump barrels as well as swash plates because their preferred Kent 3 maker developed in the 1970’s. Their latest offering takes the simplicity of the Kent 3’s popular layout as well as includes it into their Kemtech 15 bench installed heavy duty body.

This takes the maximum body dimension that can be matched from 75mm as much as 300mm indicating the total series of setting up dimensions could currently be processed on the same device.

Utilized in mix with Kemet’s ISO 9001 qualified diamond substances and also standard aluminium oxide pastes, the brand-new Lapmaster Match washing Maker ‘SPHERiMATCH’ is an important device for any hydraulic servicing centre.

To verify the efficiency of this new system Lapmaster are supplying at no cost examinations with the production of perfectly matched get rid of the removal of any scoring. A complete test record with process times and also stages is provided with every finished set of parts.

If you’re seeking to boost your throughput, or automate your barrel as well as swash plate repair, Lapmaster could be the perfect suit for you.