777; Why is Number Seven Lucky?

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The Lucky number seven is frequently connected with gambling. The number seven isn’t Lucky in most cultures, for example in Chinese that the number seven isn’t Lucky whatsoever and is occasionally considered unlucky. That is the reason Boeing Aircraft Co. didn’t sell a whole lot of 777s into the Chinese link alternatif w88.


After all the last thing you’d wish to do is get in an unfortunate aircraft right? An interesting point is that in accordance with the NTSB that the Boeing 777 has a great security record consider it or not. Perhaps he really is blessed and maybe that’s a motive to fly it? However, superstition and numerology apart why is 777 believed so blessed in the Western World?

Com and you guessed it; it’s an internet gaming website, that makes sense right? Lady Luck is known as 777 and many casino slot machines payout on 777. Some consider that the wall may be said to be a symbol of lies, injustice and concur. And therefore a lifetime without it’s blessed. Interesting that a biblical connotation would become a symbol for gaming.

But in Western societies we all believe of 777 as blessed. Many consider that 777 represents health, a clear conscience and link between soul and body; clarity if you may. Maybe it will, maybe the Chinese are correct and the amount isn’t any more blessed than every other amount and really much less good. Yet now we think of 777 too blessed. Amounts and numerology are intriguing as well as the legends and myths behind them even more so. Please think about that in 2006 and great luck!